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Alphachem Accelerator, Frostproofer & Hardener 5l

AlphaChem Accelerator, Frostproofer & Hardener is a heat-generating accelerator for cement-based mixes. Its principal uses are to facilitate the production of high early strength concrete, cement ..

Alphachem Mortar Mix 5kg

AlphaChem Mortar Mix is a general purpose sand and cement mix ideal for repair jobs, pointing brickwork and general patching internal or externally. Mix together the cement with the bag of sand inside..
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Alphachem Multi Finish Plaster 5kg

AlphaChem Multi Finish Plaster is a high strength finishing plaster which leaves a smooth surface for decoration. Simply mix with water and apply – sets in 1.5 hours.Part of the AlphaChem Small Bag ra..

Alphachem Rapid Set Mortar 5kg

AlphaChem Rapid Set Mortar is the ideal choice for repair situations where a quicker, 30 minute set, is required. This pre-mixed formulation is quick and easy to use, just mix with water and apply. ..

Alphachem SBR Bonding Agent 5lt

SBR Bond is a rubber bonding compound with excellent waterproofing qualities in cement, giving increased workability, reducing shrinkage and cracking in repairs and screeding mixes...

Everbuild 507 Rendagrip 10lt External Thistlebond

Everbuild 507 Rendagrip 10lt External Thistlebond..

110v Belle Cement Mixer Electric

110v Belle Mixer Electric..

Belle Mixer 220v Electric

Belle Mixer 220v Electric..

25kg Bag Quinn Cement

Product Description   Quinn Cement Our General Purpose Cement is a versatile cement product, suitable for use in any building application, including concrete, mortar, plastering an..

25kg Bag White Cement

25kg White Cement..

25kg Bag Of Lime

Bag Of Lime 25kg Warning ..

Toffolo Screed Expansion Joint Grey 5mtr Length

Toffolo Screed Expansion Joint Grey 5mtr Length..

25kg Bag of Hardcore

25kg Bag of Hardcore..

25kg Bag of Gravel (For Making Concrete)

25kg Bag of Gravel (For Making Concrete)..

Large Sack of Hardcore

Large Sack of Hardcore..
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